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What is Life According to Murf?

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

This is my mentoring & coaching business where I help people find the ultimate work-life balance. I am Tom Murphy and this is my way of telling my story. "Life According to Murf" is me sharing how I've achieved high levels of business success and a huge work life balance.

Work-life balance is a term that's used so often nowadays, isn't it? But you know what? Do people actually achieve it? I'm very fortunate. I've achieved an amazing level of work life balance and that's my purpose, that is "Life According to Murf," me exposing myself, telling you who I am, sharing my story, sharing other people's stories, connecting with you and then help by mentoring or coaching you to achieve that work life balance.

So who am I? I've owned numerous businesses. I've always set up businesses with my own money. Sometimes in partnership with other people but never sought investment, it's been hard work with my own money and I've set up successful businesses, in different parts of the world. I invest in the property. I'm a dad of two gorgeous young boys. I have always focused on a healthy balance of work and life so it’s been over 10 years since I truly achieved my best level possible of work-life balance.

"Life According to Murf" will be on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and my website. I'm going to produce lots of written content which will usually be accompanied by video.. There will be some quotes that originated with me that I've actually, articulated myself about how I feel or how I see life. Some quotes might be from other people who have said it or, you know, famous people have said it. But it's going to be really raw stuff! And I'm gonna have to tell those dark stories that I'm a little bit scared to tell, to be honest. I am a little bit scared to tell these stories but if I want you to connect with me, and you wanna actually work with me and you want me to help you, you really need to know who I am, don't you? So I'm going to expose myself. There's gonna be a bit of darkness, my story of resilience is so important to understanding how I’ve achieved the ultimate work-life balance. I've made some awful mistakes. I've failed so many times, but I've also been very successful because I've learned from those failures and I'm not afraid to fail. I'm not afraid to admit that I'm human. We're all human. We all make mistakes. That's how we learn.

How do you achieve that work life balance? Do you know what I find absolutely staggering is 85% of the workforce today is disengaged. They're not happy. They're not enjoying the work they do, yet we spend so much time at work. That is crazy that we're not happy at work or we're not as happy as we could be. Can you imagine if everyone got up in the morning and went to work feeling great and wanted to do the best job they possibly could? They're gonna give themselves the best opportunity to be happy in life as a whole person. The business will also prosper and could you imagine the state of the economy? Oh my goodness. Now I don't think that I'm going to change the economy, or I'm going to change the world. I just want to help people be happier and hopefully, the knock-on effect will be exactly where we wanna be.

How do I help you get that work life balance? I really need to understand who you are, what's going on in your life and there are probably two types of people I work with, whom I mentor. Employees or self-employed people, people that are working for someone else or self-employed and then business leaders, like business owners that are actually responsible for other people's lives. Everyone needs to be accountable for their own happiness or their levels of happiness, so there's no avoiding that responsibility. However, if you're an employee, it's also your employer's responsibility for your level of happiness. Employers should care about the whole person not just the person at work and if thats the case, it's not good enough.

So, that's my purpose. That's what I do. I help people achieve certain, you know, similar levels of work life balance to myself. I'm also having fun with Life According To Murf. There's a character that I've created that I've started doing some videos on who’s a bit of a dick, to be honest. You know, he's that type of guy who’s always talking about himself, the character is taking the piss out of entrepreneurs. I'm going to have fun with that. Hopefully you find it funny. If not, I'm having fun with it anyway so. I'm going to have lots of video content around my experiences. I'm going to hopefully tell other people's stories as well. And I'm really just wanting to share as much as possible. I wanna learn just as much from you that you can learn from me. And I want to help you bridge that gap between who you are today and who you want to be because that's what life's about, is achieving our full potential. Success breeds happiness and I want everyone to be happier. That's always been my purpose since I've been owning businesses, is helping to facilitate opportunities for people to be their best and in turn be happier in life.

That's "Life According to Murf" Please follow me. Please engage with me. I want to hear from you whether you're on the phone, video link, face-to-face, email, whatever the case may be. Let's get together and let's tell some stories. Let's share some content and let's all discover our own ultimate work-life balance. Thanks for reading, see you soon.

You can view the video linked to this article here

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